Company Overview

Jiangsu Haojie Packing Products Co., Ltd. is located in the Mapo Industrial Development Zone of Xuzhou. The transportation is convenient. The roads, railways and waterways extend in all directions. The company was newly built in 2006. Our factory has 45 automatic production lines and 70 manual lines. There are 2.8 million existing employees, including more than 500 middle-level workers, including 28 senior technicians and 15 quality inspectors. The product quality is controlled at various levels and the products are favored by domestic and foreign customers. Some products are exported to Japan. , the United States, Russia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries.

Our factory produces more than 2,000 varieties: honey bottles, jam bottles, pickles bottles, soy sauce bottles, vinegar bottles, sesame oil bottles, wine bottles, beverage bottles, canned bottles, bean curd bottles, seasoning bottles, fruit wine bottles, health wine bottles, Juice bottles, medicine bottles, coffee bottles, cups, bottles, glass candlesticks, handle cups, cups, oral liquid bottles, etc., and can be used for deep processing of glass bottles, sanding, lettering, porcelain.

Our factory produces all kinds of tinplate caps and plastic caps, and processes and prints trademarked trademark covers, supporting all kinds of aluminum caps, Lvsu plastic caps and so on. Tinplate cover models are: 38#, 43#, 48#, 53#, 58#, 63#, 66#, 70#, 80#, 82#, 110#, plastic covers are available: Polyethylene, Polypropylene , ABS materials, etc.

Our factory's subordinate mold factory can design new bottle types according to customer requirements, and open new molds with qualified quality and reasonable price.

The company's logistics method can be used for customer consignment, motor transport, train skin, container, water transport, air transport, etc.